The Concept

Anina & Co is a project founded by new media artist Anina Rubin and the geeks Jérome Bei and Max Schmit.

We started our journey to explore how to connect new technology with ancient alchemistic, spiritual and religious ideas and creations.

Anina’s digital and conceptual art studies the roots and the heritage of a variety of beliefs and religions while reinterpreting ancient texts and scripts.

She cares to incorporate the enrichment of modern 20th/21st century knowledge about the psychology of the human being and new scientific approaches towards frequencies (sound, colors, time/memory, …) that are starting to show how the the human brain hence human being is influenced – and vice versa: how the human brain can influence his DNA (epigenetics) and even frequencies from his body into the environment.

We believe that the majority of ancient knowledge has faded away over the centuries, which made many of us believe more in science than trusting our own intuition.

With our initiative we aim to bring back intuitive thinking into everyone’s heart. As such, and by using her own intuition, Anina came up with the idea of incorporating ancient knowledge into fancy objects that will hopefully enrich your being and help you to regain confidence in your own inner wisdom.

Divinity Hearts

In Production

About Us

Hello dear space residents!!!
We are three friends from around the corner, we dance for breakfast and believe not only in magic and miracles but also that
divine power
as in ONE

See you soon.... you never know...


  Anina, Jérôme & Max 

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